AVANCE Quartett
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Johannes Hustedt, flute, studied in Bremen and Karlsruhe. He is engaged in cross-cultural musical encounters and travels between the two worlds of improvisation and interpretation, giving numerous concerts all over the world. First recordings, radio and television productions and concerts at top-class festivals have gained him a wide reputation both as a distinguished soloist and chamber musician. His CD releases with Koch International, RBM, Animato, SwissPan, Guild-Music London/Zürich and Sargasso, London have met with overwhelming public acclaim. The practice of the music of Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, as well as Early Music, have enriched his artistic expression. Johannes teaches at the University of Music Karlsruhe and is a much sought-after guest lecturer.
“For me, music is essentially openness towards audiences, fellow musicians and composers - but also openness towards untrodden paths, artistic development, and personal growth.“

Carolin Kriegbaum, viola, completed her musical training – already as a high-school student with Serge Collot (Paris), in the USA, and she studied in Trossingen and Karlsruhe. From the earliest days of her youth, she was profoundly fascinated with chamber music – she won prizes and got scholarships. Playing in the Festival Orchestra of the Schleswig-Holstein music festival, she was very much inspired by Sergiu Celibidache and his lectures. Since 1990 she is a member of the Bach-Collegium Stuttgart of the International Bach Academy of Stuttgart. Since 1997 she performs live-painting – her paintings (“color-buffet-painting” M. Jeney) have regularly on exhibit since 1987. Carolin is open for any kind of music and was involved in various cross-over projects, so with Jon Lord, Paul McCartney and others. “The bow as well as the brush – being part in the flow of moving colors – tone colors, in their potential of diversity, is always a sublime experience.”

Andreas Hiller, 10-string guitar, graduated from Trossingen and Bern with a soloist’s diploma. After graduation he expanded his repertoire by excursions into jazz, live electronic, the music of the eastern hemisphere and the music of Latin America. Today he works both, as an adaptioner and arranger, moreover, he gives specialized lectures and offers workshops. From 1990 on, he has played the 10-string guitar with four strings in addition. Being one of the few who seriously explore the musical potential of this instrument, Andreas is in touch with composers all around the world to enlarge the repertoire for it. With TRIO AVANCE the 10-string guitar serves as an ideal sound base with a gamut getting close to the range of a cello. “Of all arts, music touches me most deeply, bestowing wings on me and carrying me into new dimensions.“